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Pàmies Ollé, Òscar

Pàmies Ollé, Òscar

Oscar Pàmies Ollé did a post-doctoral stay in the group of Prof. J.-E. Bäckvall (Stockholm University) working in the combination of enzymes and metal catalysts. In 2002 he returned to Tarragona, where he is working as associate professor. His main research interest is the development of novel, sustainable and efficient catalytic methods for the synthesis of fine chemicals and energy production. He has been involved in more than 15 national and European research projects. He is author of more than 155 articles in SCI indexed Journals and book chapters with over 6000 citations (h-index: 43). In 2007, he received a favorable assessment from the Program I3 from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. He received the Grant for Research Intensification from URV in 2008. In 2010, he was awarded with the ICREA Academia Award. Since 2017 he is the Head of the Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Department.

Project: Sustainable development of tailor-made smart catalysts for industrial processes and energy

Reference: 2020MFP-COFUND-29



Departament de Química Física i Inorgànica