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O'Sullivan, Ciara Kathleen

O'Sullivan, Ciara Kathleen

Ciara K. O' Sullivan (Female) Graduated in Analytical Science at Dublin City University in 1992 and completed PhD in Biotechnology in 1996. From 1996-99, senior postdoctoral researcher at National University of Ireland at Cork, before undertaking an industrial postdoc at Bayer (USA). In 2000, she was awarded Marie Curie Fellowship and in 2002 became a Ramon y Cajal Research Fellow, before becoming an ICREA (Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies) Research Professor in 2003, when she established the Interfibio Group at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
Her research interests lie in the development of electrochemical and optical biosensors exploiting advances in tailored biocomponents. Presently, her work focuses on reducing to practise cost-effective molecular diagnostics for screening and monitoring of disease, as well as on the development of aptamers for application in optical and electrochemical molecular aptamer beacons. The approaches for molecular diagnostics being developed include parallelised real-time electrochemical next generation sequencing, electrochemical array based primer extension and elongation for multiplexed SNP detection, multiplexed electrochemical miRNA detection and quantitative paper diagnostics as companion tools for the future paradigm of pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine.

Project: (Bio)Electrochemical Tools for Integration of Biological Systems and Electronic Components (BIONIC)

Reference: 2020MFP-COFUND-28



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