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What are the URV's community gardens?

The project has been designed to prepare, construct, organise and convert a disused part of the URV's Catalunya Campus into an urban agricultural space. It will be worked on by socially vulnerable groups and members of the URV to encourage community relations and protect the environment in this area. The aim is to set up between 15 and 20 community gardens of approximately 10 m2.

The aim is to run a social innovation project that links socially vulnerable groups with the culture of environmental protection, conservation and sustainability.

This initiative won the call for URV Social Innovation Projects, which is funded with the money raised by the 1st URV Solidària Run in April 2013 (€4,500). It was presented by the lecturer in Environmental Law Dr. Susana Borràs, a student on the Master's Degree in Environmental Law Thays Ricarte and the students on the Bachelor's Degree in the History of Art Anna Solé and Clàudia Egea.

In April 2015, the project won the Mercè Bañeras and Maria Figueres Prize for Social Action awarded by the Educational Platform Foundation in the category of Social Innovation.

What are the aims of the URV's community gardens?

The aim is to involve as many members of the university community as possible, who will connect the university with civil society. In so doing, they will undertake a collective task of health and environmental education, and generate a whole range of social relations based on the solidarity of a network. All these factors will contribute to attaining the main aim, which is to ensure the welfare of the people involved and to encourage environmental and social values.

 What activities have we done?

So far we have carried out various activities as part of the project:

  • On 3 December 2014 at 7 p.m. in the Board Room of Catalunya Campus the lecture "The importance of looking at and returning to the country" was given by Gustavo Duch.
  • On 26 March 2015 at 6 p.m. in the Board Room of Catalunya Campus the talk "Planning crops. Essential knowledge about rotations and space-time organisation in the garden" was given by Gessamí Sardà.  

 At what stage is the project now?

The project was carried out in two phases

  • The first phase consisted of a call to the university community to join the project. The result of this call was that 10 gardens were assigned and are now functioning.
  • Various social organisations want to collaborate with the URV's community gardens project: the Onada Foundation;  the Aspercamp Association of Tarragona, and the association 4 Potes.

The URV's project Community Gardens : Environmental Education for Social Innovation has had such a promising start that the money raised by the 2nd URV Solidària Run will also be used to fund the project.

  • Currently, the second phase of the project is underway, and 10 more gardens are being created. This phase makes it possible to take part in the project in different ways, either as a gardener or in a more social role.

How can you help?

By way of example, we list below some of the synergies created by the project:

  • Students on the subject Solar Decathlon V of the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture fenced in the space assigned to the community gardens with pallets
  • A student of Audiovisual Communication produced a video as part of his bachelor's degree thesis
  •  Through the URV Service Learning programme
  • As a gardener, together with other members of the university community or with participating social organisations

We are open to all the proposals that you wish to send us at  hortsocials(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat

 What does the press say?

The press talks about us:

Help us to improve the project !

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Video by Eduard Isern (bachelor's degree thesis)