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Informative brochure - (Pending)

Before the start of the mobility 

1.- Acceptance of mobility: Once the resolution of places has been published, you have to accept the place that has been assigned to you (from the date specified in the call calendar)

To accept the assigned place you must fill in the Bank and contact details communication form, attaching the following documentation:

  • Copy of a valid DNI/NIE (pdf. file) - Passport not accepted!
  • Copy of the first page of the current student's bank account that shows: your name as a holder, the current bank account number, the IBAN number and the swift code of the bank branch (pdf file).

2.- Fellowhip holder's credential: Once the corresponding resolution has been published, you will receive the Scholarship Credential by e-mail, certifying that you are a beneficiary of the Erasmus + Traineeship program.

3.- Mobility Questionnaire: We want to know your opinion regarding how the URV mobility programs work. We will send by e-mail and you can complete it online (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE)

4.- Learning agreement for traineeships (Training Agreement): It is the document that sets out the tasks that you will perform at the host institution, the follow-up and how they will evaluate you. You must send it to the Centre Internacional(ELIMINAR) signed at least by you and the mobility coordinator  within a maximum of one month before the starting date. If the traineeship is curricular, you must enroll them in mobility. (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

5.- Sign the Grant Agreement: Before leaving, you must sign this document which refers to the conditions of participation in the Erasmus + program. You will receive it by e-mail and you must deliver the original document to the International Center office (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

6.- Online Linguistic Support: Online test to determine the level of the language in which the mobility takes place (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE). All the information on the linguistic support of the Erasmus + program.

Registration of individuals, an essential document required by the URV's Economics Service to be able to pay the scholarship (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

Admission to the destination company: it is the student’s responsibility, along with sending the documentation that may be required.

Mobility insurance: the URV provides all mobility students with insurance that covers the entire period of their stay. It is emailed a few days before the start of the mobility along with instructions. Check insurance coverage (Option A).

Visa and legal procedures: You must know the procedures you must complete in order to stay in the country chosen according to your nationality.

Withdrawal: If you decide not to carry out the mobility, you must send the Application for Mobility Withdrawal, signed by you and the mobility coordinator, to the International Center as soon as possible and always before the scheduled start of the mobility. This way, your financial aid can be awarded to a person in the waiting list. Please note that if you do not notify us before the starting date, you will be penalized in the next mobility call.

During the mobility

Within a maximum of 15 days of joining the host university, you must send to the International Center in pdf format by e-mail: mobility.out(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat

Certificate of stay with the date of arrival signed by the destination university, which will be used to pay the first instalment (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

Contact details duly signed, so that the URV can locate you during your stay (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

Training Agreement duly signed by the host institution.


During your stay, the host institution may organize an international fair in order to publicize the partner institutions to which they can send their students, such as the URV. In this case, the institution would contact the I-Center to send them the URV promotional materials needed for the fair. We are often asked to have our mobility students to participate in this fair. The I-Center contacts these students and sends them the necessary information to become URV Ambassadors.

If you are interested in becoming an URV ambassador, do not hesitate to contact us.

After the mobility

Maximum of 15 days after the end of your stay, you must send to the International Center:

Certificate of stay signed and stamped by the host university. This document specifies the actual length of your stay, which is used to settle the payment of the grant. (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

Training Agreement signed by all parties. (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

EU Survey: You will receive an email with an invitation to complete it online (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

Mobility Questionnaire: provided by the International Center. Your opinion helps us to improve every day (COMPULSORY PROCEDURE).

Your destination institution, for its part, will send the Traineeship certificate to the URV, a document which states your qualifications and which is used to recognize the internship abroad.

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