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International MOU Agreements Management

The deadline for disposing of the MOU agreements signed by both universities so as to activate the mobility offer in the call corresponding to the academic year 2019-20 is 28 September 2018.

The MOU international agreements are subject to a review prior to the signing from the Rector of the URV.

Types of international MOU:

  • Framework agreement: It is a general agreement which is signed with the aim of establishing the first inter-institutional link. Framework agreements require the signing of specific agreements in order to carry out specific activities, and thus, they do not cover mobility stays.
  • Specific mobility agreement: It is an agreement whose aim is to cover mobility stays of students and academic, research, administrative and technical staff at universities in countries outside the Erasmus+ area. For this purpose, an annex with the list of mobility offers is included.
  • ANUIES-CRUE agreement: It is an international mobility agreement that allows students mobility at the Mexican universities which are members of ANUIES. Previously, a general agreement was signed between CRUE and ANUIES which requires the signing of specific mobility agreements for each university to activate the students' mobility.

How to activate a new MOU agreement