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Assessment of the quality of scientific journals and impact indicators

Assessment systems based on citation analysis:

  • Internationals indexes
    • Scopus: A database set up by Elsevier that, among other things, gives information about the number of times an article has been cited.
    • Web of Science: A bibliographic and bibliometric data base produced by Clarivate Analytics which can track a particular author's citations and publications in a variety of ways.
    • Journal of Citation reports: A database that is part of Web of Science which determines the impact factor of journals.
    • Google Scholar: A database that provides data on citations of authors and their work. It indexes all those documents that contain an abstract and which are posted on academic websites in html, word, pdf or PostScript.
  • National indexes
    • Scimago Journal & Country Rank: The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a public portal that contains the scientific journals and indicators of the country that have been developed using the information in Elsevier's Scopus. These indicators can be used to assess and analyse scientific domains.
    • RedibRed Iberoamericana de Innovación y Conocimiento Científico
    • (Ibero-American Network of Innovation and Scientific Knowledge) is a platform of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Universia, in collaboration with the company Clarivate Analytics.
    • Resh: This database contains the quality indicators of the Spanish journals in the social sciences and humanities. It can be used to determine the quality of the publication, to choose the right journal for a particular research article and to understand the quality criteria required by journals.
    • Dice: The aim of Dice is to provide information about the editorial features and quality indicators of Spanish journals in the social sciences and the humanities.
    • In~Recs: This index shows a journal's impact index and its position in its speciality, the publications that cite journals and which ones they cite, the most cited articles and the scientific impact of the authors, together with the institutions most cited by the specialists (last updated 2014)
    • CitEc: With data from the field of economics, CitEc analyses the citations from documents in the RePEc digital library
    • CIBERINDEX - Citation Cuiden: This index is based on the nursing database CUIDEN and it gives information about impact indicators, repercussions, activity and information consumptions of national and Ibero-American journals.

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