Loan of audiovisual material

You can borrow audiovisual equipment from the Factory for your academic activities.

Material available for borrowing

Digital video cameras

Compact or hybrid high-resolution cameras, with LCD touch screen and carrying case.

Flash accessories and lapel microphones can also be provided if necessary.

Photographic cameras High-resolution compact, reflex or hybrid cameras, with optical and digital zoom and carrying case.
Digital audio recorders High capacity with carrying case.
Tripods With extensions and carrying case.

The specific features of these devices may depend on changes being made to the material or the stock being renewed.

Regulations of use

To use this service you must respect the regulations of use listed in the Regulations governing the borrowing of material from the CRAI

Reserving material

To reserve the material, get in touch with the Factory on the campus where you wish to collect it. Check the opening hours and the contact details of the campus factories here.

You need to provide your name and surnames and the date on which you need to reserve the material. The material is not regarded as reserved unless the reservation is confirmed by the Factory staff.

If you wish to cancel the reservation, please let us know.

To be able to borrow material, you must accept the conditions and sign the CRAI's loan form (just once every academic year).