Specific commitments


We will provide you with the information you need in person or online. For this service we aim to get a rating of 8 out of 10 on the user satisfaction survey.


We aim to respond to at least 95% of enquiries made to the online service Pregunt@ in a maximum of 72 hours.


We aim to make the most recent additions to the job bank publicly available in a maximum of 48 hours in at least 95% of cases.


We will use icerc@dor to ensure that at least 95% of all links to electronic resources are working.


Every two weeks we will publish information about the new bibliographic material purchased for the library in at least 95% of cases.


We will receive documents from suppliers in an average of 35 days.


We will catalogue the documents acquired by the CRAI in a maximum of nine days in at least 90% of cases.


We will respond to the needs of users who have been unable to locate a document on the shelves within 72 hours in at least 95% of cases.


We will send the inter-library loan applications to the supplying library within three working days of the user's application in at least 95 % of cases.


We will have planned 90% of the CRAI courses on the PROFID programme before the beginning of the academic year.


We will publish the schedule of the English conversation classes on the first working day of the month in 99% of cases.


We guarantee that there will be a maximum of eight participants in a conversation class in 95% of cases.


We guarantee that there will be at least one English conversation class for each of the levels taught (A2 to C1) in at least 95% of cases.


We will provide appropriate facilities for consulting the bibliographic resources and studying, and will be given a score of 7 for this aspect in the user satisfaction survey.