The Vidal-Capmany Bequest

The Vidal-Capmany Bequest consists of the archive and book collection of Jaume Vidal Alcover and Maria Aurèlia Capmany Farnés, which was left to the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts in Tarragona in 1991 in compliance with the last will and testament of the two authors.

It is housed on floor -1 in the library in the Catalunya Campus CRAI and it can be consulted whenever the library is open.

The right to consult the documentary heritage is established in Catalan and Spanish law and in Annex 4 of the Library Service Regulations (catalan).


The Vidal-Capmany Bequest contains:

16,355 books

548 journals  

Research by the folklorists Sebastià Farnés and Aureli Capmany (Aurelia Capmany's grandfather and father)

Doctoral theses, research work, degree reports, articles, etc. about the writers and donated by them

Personal archive of Jaume Vidal Alcover and Maria Aurèlia Capmany

- Manuscripts
- Documents
- Letters
- Photographs
- Records
- Slides 



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