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Gender Equality Observatory

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The Gender Equality Plan

The principle of equality is a fundamental right in the democratic communities like universities but the reality shows us that discrimination continues.

Thus, some mechanisms are needed in order to achieve real equality of opportunities between men and women correcting the discrimination. These tools may help to reduce the structural imbalances, respecting differences and bridging the gap between men and women.

Universitat Rovira i Virgili approved its First Equality plan in 2007, but currently there is a second plan in force: the Second Equality Plan of URV (2011-2015).  They both aim to develop positive actions in order to eliminate discrimination existing in some organs and competences, thereby enhancing university students and workers’ quality of life.

Both plans are structured around six priorities: 

  • Diagnosing and giving visibility to sexism, creating a mindset and a collective awareness in favour of equality opportunities.
  • Enhancing access on an equal basis to employment and training.
  • Remaining the institution committed to gender equality.
  • Promoting gender mainstreaming in teaching and research.
  • Strengthening the link between gender and science in URV 
  • Having a balanced representation between men and women in decision-making bodies.

The priorities are implemented by 56 actions in the Second Plan.