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Gender Equality Observatory

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Jean Monnet Module

Jean Monnet Programme aims to enhance the promotion of education and research and encourage reflection about European integration in universities all over the world. The module delivered in the Universitat Rovira i Virgili from 2012 to 2014 is entitled “Eropean Integration and Gender”. The programme is focused on analysing the most recent legislation and jurisprudence as well as the European political initiatives of gender equality for current needs. 

The objectives of the Jean Monnet Module are:

  • To introduce gender mainstreaming in curricula
  • New university studies and research projects
  • To promote gender perspective in the student's professional career

Prominent university professors and researchers in the legal and equality field share their knowledge in order to provide conceptual and analitical resources to:

  • Understand the European Union role as a legal and political player in the equality field
  • Know the UE institucional operating and decision-making
  • Analyse the mechanisms behind gender equality policies

Why "European Integration and Gender"?

The European Union legislation has incorporated the gender perspective in constituent traties, the last component being the Lisboa Treaty and the derivative law in the jurisprudence of the Justice Court. Today the Lisboa Treaty configures equality as a value, an objective and a foundamental right and its transversality is guaranteed in different articles. This gives the EU the necessary instruments, legal and public politics, to develop the effective equality between citizens of the EU. 

Even so, once implemented the European Superior Education Space and once the grade studies began in our university, there is still remaining a lack of specific education in this field. 

Aiming to bridge this educational gap, the URV suggests a teaching module which brings knowledge related to the integration of the equality principle as a key-item of the European integration process.

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