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Gender Equality Observatory

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The Equality Gender Observatory develops a wide range of activities every year under the scope of the University. They are designed in order to aware the community about the gender gap, to spread the importance of mainstreaming in research and to highlight the achievement of women over the years. 


The University launches the Mª Helena Maseras Award for the promotion of mainstreaming and gender studies in teaching and research. There are different categories: Secondary School, Bachelor Degree, Postgraduate Studies and PhD. 

The Mª Antònia Ferrer Distinction i a special honor awarded by the University to the person or organization with a strong commitment the women rights defense.

Equality Week

Annual two-week conference to disseminate the role and contribution of women to the scientific knowledge and making progress. The target group is the whole university community and the society. It coincides with the International Women’s Day. 

Girls’ Day

Open day at the Engineering School of the University for promoting engineering as a vocational choice of girls. Click here for further information. 

Jean Monnet Module

Course on “European Integration and Gender”, focused on analyzing the most recent legislation and jurisprudence as well as the European political initiatives of gender equality for current needs. Funded by the European Commission. Click here for further information. 

Publication of a serie on gender

Quaderns de la Igualtat (Equality Notebook) is a serie published annually for disseminating research activities on gender. It aims to provide the university community a new tool for knowledge transfer about women and feminism. The content of the collection provides some research results and the speech of the annual winner of the Mª Antònia Ferrer Distinction. See the serie.

Women Calendar

The Gender Equality Observatory publishes a Calendar to pay homage to some of most remarkable women over the history in different fields. Each month is dedicated to different women explaining their story and highlighting their achievements in their field of knowledge. Download the current Calendar.

Women and Science Searcher

A tool designed to rescue and disseminate the scientific contribution of women by disciplines over the years, which sometimes has been made invisible by a discourse of scientific neutrality. Visit the searcher (in Catalan).