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SustainComp Project

Every year millions of laptop computers are withdrawn from use even though they may still be usable. Simply by restoring them and equipping them with educational software, they can be turned into a powerful tool for breaking down the educational digital divide the world over. The project is put into practice merely with the good will of people who are prepared to spend their time (global collaboration) on collecting, restoring and transporting computers, and with unused resources such as laptops or luggage space for travellers. Therefore, there is no need for economic investment to achieve the objective. Likewise, the project does not generate any emissions of contaminants because it takes advantage of journeys scheduled for other functions.

In this initiative, the URV Solidària collaborates with the platform Labdoo (labdoo.org), a worldwide social network with its origins in Catalonia that coordinates all the processes and freely exchanges information about technology, material and travel. Anybody interested can sign up as a donator, restorer, traveller, etc.

Any person or organisation who wishes to donate an unused computer can deposit it at any of the URV CRAIs. All donations must be previously authorised so that the equipment can be checked and delivery duly prepared.