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Training Report

This document presents the main results of the academic activities of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in undergraduate, master’s, doctorate and lifelong learning programmes during academic year 2016-2017. It is through these activities that the university accomplishes the first of the missions with which it is entrusted: educating students. This is one of a series of documents drafted to ensure the URV’s accountability before both the university community and society in general. Arranged by sector and prepared from numerous meetings of the Governing Council, these documents make up the Rector’s annual report to the University Senate.

The aim of this report is to support the work of the University’s academic staff and governing bodies in analysing and evaluating trends in the matriculation and academic results of students by providing a representative sample of statistics and indicators.

This year’s document retains its central core, which analyses the demand, matriculation and academic results of our undergraduate, Master’s, doctoral and lifelong learning programmes during the current academic year, illustrates the URV’s position within the Catalan public university system, and compares the results of our educational activities with consolidated data from the previous year. For a more comprehensive overview of the elements in which these results are contextualized, we have incorporated new features such as academic planning, student grants and aid, and student satisfaction level with the quality of tuition received.

The first of these new features focuses on numbers of credits and corresponding teaching loads (measured in number of hours) and includes data on the teaching staff and their various profiles. The second quantifies the grants and financial aid available to URV students and demonstrates the financial effort the university makes to cover the cost of discounts awarded to grant and scholarship holders for which the University is not compensated by State administration. The third explores the level of satisfaction URV students express with the education they have received and presents the results of national and international accreditation processes for our training programmes.

Josep Anton Ferré Vidal