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Quality strategy


The future vision of the University is the set of goals that the University sets itself so that it can fulfil the reasons for which it exists, which are detailed below:

The University that offers people comprehensive training, where they learn:

  • To be: the URV promotes the development of personality, autonomy, self-judgment and responsibility, taking advantage of all the individual's qualities.
  • To do: the URV prepares people to meet adequately the demands of the workplace and the social environment and encourages individuals to develop the capacity to adapt, communicate, critique and work in a team.
  • To live together: the URV encourages the development of common projects, addresses disagreement with respect and rigour and fosters the values ​​of pluralism and mutual understanding, without renouncing one's own ideas.
  • To know: the URV transmits both general and specialised knowledge combining, fosters lifelong learning, promotes self-learning and teaches individuals how to learn.

The University that learns from:

  • People: the URV encourages the generation and exchange of ideas so that they can work for the good of society as a whole.
  • Society: the URV absorbs everything that the society generates and that is good for the University.
  • Itself: the URV promotes mechanisms of continuous improvement in all university processes.

The creative and innovation-driving University:

  • Considers that its most distinctive feature is its capacity to generate knowledge and ideas.
  • Orients its processes and capacities towards creativity.
  • Promotes innovation in all areas of activity.
  • Measures, evaluates and rewards creativity and innovation.

The work-committed University:

  • Promotes the employability of graduates.
  • Encourages occupational initiatives that arise from the university community.
  • Believes in offering people the opportunity for lifelong education as an indispensable factor in ensuring individual and collective progress.

The University is committed to the environment and to society:

  • It puts itself at the service of its environment.
  • It identifies itself with the reality of Catalonia.
  • It allies itself with all the actors in the environment to build a future based on progress.
  • It exerts and promotes reflection and criticism for the benefit of society.

The universal University:

  • Works with trainers and researchers from all over the world.
  • Promotes the mobility of students, teachers and administrative and service staff.
  • Cooperates with developing societies.
  • Communicates globally.
  • Disseminates knowledge throughout the world.

The progressive University that:

  • Analyses, plans and evaluates its activities continuously.
  • Emphasizes improving quality as essential to future progress.
  • Incorporates proactive capacities into all processes.
  • Promotes the development of units, groups and their members with an attitude that facilitates and brings together efforts and ideas.

The University of People:

  • Bases its action on people.
  • Promotes the integral development of people.
  • Seeks people's satisfaction.
  • Promotes mechanisms based on training and information to foster real participation by all members of the university community.