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Quality in research

The university's policy on quality is to continue moving forward, as set out in axis 5 of the 2nd Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation of the URV, which was approved in June 2017 and includes lines of action on quality, evaluation and recognition of research.

The URV works to ensure that the quality assurance of R&D&I activities is consolidated in the URV's research groups and structures so that it becomes a hallmark of the University within the framework of responsible research and innovation.

For research, development, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer activities, the URV has designed a Quality Management System for R+D+I for research groups and structures under the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. By May 2018, 24 research groups and 5 innovation centres were certified, all of them belonging to the scientific-technical field. This quality management system has been recognised as good practice in the call for funding by the UPC's Telescopi España of the UNESCO Chair.