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Teaching staff with important additional positions

Professorat Chairs

  • Àlex Arenas

    Àlex Arenas

    • Director of the URV Chair of Science and Humanism


  • Ángel Belzunegui Eraso

    Ángel Belzunegui Eraso

    • Director of the URV Chair for Social Inclusion


  • Antoni Pigrau

    Antoni Pigrau

    • Director of the Tarragona Centre for Environmental Law Studies Alcalde Pere Lloret
    • Vice-president of the Catalan International Institute for Peace

    Chairs, Research centres

  • Enric Olivé Serret

    Enric Olivé Serret

    • Director of the UNESCO Chair for International Dialogue
    • Secretary general of the Committee of the Euromed Permanent University Forum (EPUF)

    Chairs, Entities

  • Joan Miquel Canals

    Joan Miquel Canals

    • President of the Catalan Association of Oenologists (ACE)
    • President of the College of Oenologists of Catalonia (CEEC)


  • Jordi Farré

    Jordi Farré

    • Director of the URV/Repsol Chair for Excellence in Communication

    Chairs, Research centres

  • Jordi Miró

    Jordi Miró

    • Director of the URV Chair for Infant Pain – Grünenthal Foundation

    Chairs, Entities

  • Josep Domingo Ferrer

    Josep Domingo Ferrer

    • Director of the UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy
    • Member of the Ethics Advisory Board of the Human Brain project
    • Director of the Serra Húnter Programme, Catalan Government

    Chairs, Entities, Public administration

  • Juan Antonio Duro

    Juan Antonio Duro

    • Director of the Chair of Local and Regional Economy


  • Mercedes Teruel Carrizosa

    Mercedes Teruel Carrizosa

    • Director of the Chair for the Promotion of Business Innovation


  • Òscar Saladié

    Òscar Saladié

    • Director of the DOW/URV Chair for Sustainable Development


  • Sergio Nasarre

    Sergio Nasarre

    • Director of the UNESCO Housing Chair of the URV