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Teaching staff with important additional positions

Professorat Research centres

  • Alfonso González Bondia

    Alfonso González Bondia

    • General director of European and Mediterranean Affairs of the Catalan Government

    Entities, Public administration, Research centres

  • Antoni Pigrau

    Antoni Pigrau

    • Director of the Tarragona Centre for Environmental Law Studies Alcalde Pere Lloret
    • Vice-president of the Catalan International Institute for Peace

    Chairs, Research centres

  • Carmen Claver

    Carmen Claver

    • Science director of the Chemistry Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTQC)

    Research centres

  • Joan Martí i Castell

    Joan Martí i Castell

    • Member of the Conseil du Centre d'Études Catalans of the Paris-Sorbonne University (France)
    • Full member of the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC)
    • Member of the Standing Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Catalan Language of the Government of Catalonia
    • Member of the Board of Trustees of Catalan Sign Language

    Entities, Public administration, Research centres

  • Jordi Farré

    Jordi Farré

    • Director of the URV/Repsol Chair for Excellence in Communication

    Chairs, Research centres

  • Jordi Salas

    Jordi Salas

    • Member of the Network of Experts of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia
    • Director of the Catalan Centre for Nutrition of the Institute of Catalan Studies (CCNIEC)
    • Director of World Forum for Nutrition Research on Tree Nuts and Dried Fruit (WFNR) Chair

    Entities, Research centres

  • Josep Lluís Domingo

    Josep Lluís Domingo

    • Director of TecnATox – Centre of Environmental, Food and Toxicological Technology

    Research centres

  • Lluís Arola Ferrer

    Lluís Arola Ferrer

    • Chairman of the Catalan Council for Research and Innovation

    Research centres

  • Manola Brunet

    Manola Brunet

    • Director of the Centre for Climate Change

    Research centres

  • Ricard Garcia-Valls

    Ricard Garcia-Valls

    • Director of the METEOR research centre

    Research centres

  • Robert Sala i Ramos

    Robert Sala i Ramos

    • Director of the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution (IPHES)

    Research centres