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Teaching staff with important additional positions

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Jordi Farré

  • Director of the URV/Repsol Chair for Excellence in Communication

Jordi Farré

Jordi Farré

Jordi Farré is the director of the  URV/Repsol Chair for Excellence in Communication, which is active in research, university teaching and social communication. His main aim is to promote the master’s degree in Political, Institutional and Corporate Communication in Environments of Crisis and Risk (MASTERDEC) and congresses on communication that are organised by the URV.

The chair is a coordinated part of all the activities of excellence in communication that are carried out by the URV’s Department of Communication Studies and the Communication Research Group – ASTERISC, of which Jordi Farré is the director. The group’s main lines of communication are political communication, reception analysis and risk communication.

He is the director and a lecturer in the URV’s Department of Communication Studies, associate editor of the journal Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies (CJCS) and coeditor of a special edition of this journal on risk communication.