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"The people who make the URV" report

To provide the university community and society at large with a comprehensive overview of the URV's activities, in this report we focus on our most important asset – the people who make the URV. This is one of a series of documents that structure the URV’s accountability – sectorial and presented at numerous meetings of the Governing Council – before the university community and society in general. Together, these documents make up the Rector’s annual report to the University Senate.

Divided into six sections, the report analyses numerous aspects that provide relevant data on the characteristics of the University’s workforce – our PDI (teaching and research staff), our PAS (administration and services staff), and the personnel of the URV Foundation. The reference date for these data is 31st December 2016.

The first section deals with the number of people who have an employment link with either the URV or the FURV. The second and third sections deal with our PDI and PAS, respectively. Here we include a series of data – normally presented in terms of full-time equivalents – on the evolution of our workforce, employment structure, distribution by campus, and average remuneration. The fourth section deals with the staff of the URV Foundation and the collaborations generated by the Foundation's activities. In a new addition to this year’s report, the fifth section reviews the main people-oriented policies conducted by the University. Finally, the sixth section shows the URV's ranking within the Catalan public university system.

With this report we aim to demonstrate the robustness of the University through the people who construct it on a daily basis. We show that, despite the budgetary restrictions and the limitations on contracting new staff that still affect us, the URV has managed to preserve staff at a level that enables it to continue conducting its teaching, research and knowledge-transfer missions from a position of strength and in a way that enables it to uphold its commitment to society.

Josep Anton Ferré Vidal