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Vadim Ivanovich Utkin

Date of investiture:
23 November 2011
Luis Martínez Salamero
Area of knowledge:

Vadim Ivánovich Utkin (1937-2022) graduated in Engineering from the Power Institute in his home town, Moscow, in 1960. He began work as a researcher at the Cybernetic Institute where he was awarded his university (1964) and state (1971) doctorates. He directed the Laboratory of Discontinuous Control Systems between 1973 and 1994.

In 1994 Vadim Ivánovich Utkin moved to the United States where he held the Ford Chair for distinguished visiting professors of the Ohio State University in Columbus (USA) until 2002. At present he is professor of the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at the same university.

Dr. Utkin’s work is deeply rooted in engineering. It is also interdisciplinary and applicable to many engineering specialities. His theoretical results have been exported to such fields as the petrochemical industry, metallurgy or turbo diesel engines, among others.

In his acceptance speech, Vadim Ivánovich Utkin expressed his vision of the relation between art and science, and the similarities and differences between the creative processes.