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Luis A. Oro Giral

Date of investiture:
27 February 2015
Carmen Claver
Area of knowledge:
Chemical Engineering

Luis A. Oro Giral was born in Zaragoza in 1945. He graduated in Chemical Sciences (1970) at the University of Zaragoza, and he studied for his doctorate at the University of Cambridge (1972-73).

He was awarded his honorary degree by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili on 27 February 2015 in a ceremony held in the university's auditorium. The professor of Inorganic Chemistry and science director of the Chemical Technology Centre (CTQ), Carmen Claver, acted as sponsor. Claver recalled that in the 1970s Luis A. Oro carried out pioneering work in Spain on coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry to prepare catalysts and initiated research into homogeneous catalysis.

In the speech following the investiture, Luis A. Oro stressed that chemistry is central to other scientific areas, that it attempts to understand nature and that it has provided and continues to provide solutions by creating molecules and materials.

Luis A. Oro has authored or co-authored some 600 scientific publications, 20 book chapters, scientific reviews and nine books. He has been distinguished by the ISI Web of Knowledge as a highly cited researcher. He has been awarded such international prizes as EuCheMS (2014) or ICIQ's Fèlix Serratosa medal (2014). He was a member of ICIQ's scientific council for ten years. In 2005 he was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Rennes.