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Mohamed Jamal Deen

Date of investiture:
7 March 2014
Benjamí Iñíguez
Area of knowledge:
Electronic Engineering

Jamal Deen graduated in Physics and Mathematics at the Universidad de Guyana, and was awarded his doctorate in Electronic Engineering and Applied Physics by the Case Western Reserve University, Ohio. Throughout his academic career he has coedited 22 books, published more than 250 articles and taken out 6 patents.

His work as a researcher stands out because of the important contribution it has made to the field of electronic engineering, and particularly to semiconductors and sensor. It has earned him numerous prizes and distinctions. Among other things he has been made a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and Fellow of the Electrochemical Society (ECS).

In his speech, Jamal Deen said that he was proud to be "the first person born in Canada to be awarded an honorary degree by the URV." He also defined his professional life - research and academic teaching - as a pleasure. He recalled his humble origins and the fact that they imbued him with such values as perseverance, concentration and respect for others. Finally he sent a message to young researchers and encouraged them to work with scientists from other disciplines because it is immensely satisfying and it is what really makes a difference.

In his discussion of the attributes of the new honorary degree holder, the rector, Francesc Xavier Grau, said that Jamal Deen's joining the university community was an honour and a privilege. He placed particular emphasis on his enormous scientific output and his effort to improve society, values that the URV encourages and with which it identifies.