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Hugh Scott Fogler

Date of investiture:
15 April 2016
Azael Fabregat
Area of knowledge:
Chemical Engineering

Hugh Scott Fogler (1942), a lecturer at the University of Michigan, is regarded as an institution in the world of chemical engineering and he has been a leading figure in teaching, research and technology transfer.

His ideas have been such an inspiration to the URV's School of Chemical Engineering (ETSEQ) that the University awarded him an honorary degree in a ceremony held on 15 April 2016, sponsored by the lecturer Azael Fabregat.

His research has focused on applying the principles of chemical reaction engineering to the oil industry, transport and reaction in porous media, the kinetics of gelation and the stability of asphaltenes in multi-phase flows. He has published more than 200 scientific articles and he has supervised the doctoral theses of 40 students. He has led many research projects funded by American government agencies and by private companies.

In his acceptance speech, Hugh Scott Fogler pointed out that fossil fuels, the main source of energy used today, will be insufficient to satisfy universal demand and he predicts a turning point in 2050 when the world economy will collapse. He spoke of alternative energy sources (hydroelectricity, wind energy, geothermal power), and their advantages and disadvantages, and he put particular emphasis on solar power, describing the different systems and the research that is being carried out at various plants in the USA.