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Antoni Rovira i Virgili

The university of Southern Catalonia, created by the Parliament of Catalonia in December 1991, bears the name of Antoni Rovira i Virgili, a journalist, writer and politician who was born in Tarragona, fled into exile in January 1939 and died in Perpignan in 1949 while he was the president of the Parliament in exile. Throughout his life he was committed to the Catalan cause, and he had a fertile intellectual imagination and political and social convictions that led him to make considerable personal sacrifice. Our university bears his name with pride as an expression of the values that guide it: the defence of democracy, the desire for public service, and social commitment and responsibility.

Book published by Publicacions URV

In Defence of Democracy: a collection of articles by Antoni Rovira i Virgili “The defects of democracy”, “Citizenship and profession”, “Good scepticism” and “Pessimism and optimism”.

The first and only doctoral thesis on Rovira i Virgili

Xavier Ferré is the author of the first and only doctoral thesis on Antoni Rovira i Virgili. Entitled The shaping of Rovira i Virgili’s national ideology: from the cultural nation to the political nation or the overcoming of state federalism (1900-1923) it was defended on 25 November 2002 at the Faculty of Arts of the URV. The study presents the ideological and political evolution that lays down the basis of the political thought of this federalist Republican from Tarragona.