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Report on Efficacy and Efficiency in the Use of Resources

To provide the university community and society at large with a comprehensive overview of the URV's activities, in this report we focus on the University’s use of its available resources for accomplishing the missions with which it is entrusted. This is one of a series of documents that structure the URV’s accountability before the university community and society in general. Focusing on various sectors and presented at numerous meetings of the Governing Council, these documents make up the Rector’s annual report to the University Senate.

The three sections of this document analyse the economic resources expended by the University, the uses to which these resources are allocated, and the results of the University’s teaching and research activities through a series of efficacy and efficiency indicators that provide relevant information about the University’s activities conducted in 2016.

The first section focuses on the URV’s spaces and infrastructures, with information on the size of the University’s campuses and buildings, the types of spaces it has available, and its fixed assets. The second section focuses on the URV’s commitment to its various activities, with data on the University’s management activities and the weight carried by the URV in the funding model of the Catalan public university system. The third section, on efficacy and efficiency, shows the allocation of resources by activity and presents several unitary cost indicators for the University's teaching and research activities. New to this year’s report in this section is a measurement of the efficacy and efficiency of the URV in the international context.

Once again, this document provides data that will help the URV to constantly improve the quality of its performance in its various missions and achieve an effective and efficient use of the resources that society has made available to it.

Josep Anton Ferré Vidal