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Strategic Internationalisation Plan

Concepts and objectives


Systematic and sustained efforts to make higher education more receptive to the requirements and challenges relating to the globalization of societies, the economy and labour markets.

Level or state of internationalization at a given moment.

Strategic Internationalization Plan (PEI):
A tool for defining the URV’s current situation and for coordinating the URV’s current and future activities relating to its internationalization and projection on the world stage.


To project the URV to the world. The PEi will be tool that allows the URV to analyze the current situation in order to efficiently project itself internationally, whilst also respecting the institution’s history. The PEI will:

  • Identify the key factors and objectives that will allow the URV to successfully adapt to the changes and challenges brought by internationalization;
  • Improve the external projection of the institution;
  • Plan with methodological rigor the implementation of the URV’s internationalization activities and the associated resources;
  • Improve the structure and internal perception of the URV’s international activities.