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Philip Douglas Jones

Date of investiture:
15 November 2012
Manola Brunet
Area of knowledge:
Environmental Sciences

Phil Jones was awarded his Ph.D. in Hydrology from the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England. He is Nobel Prize 2007 and currently heads the Climatic Research Unit (School of Environment), an international reference center in studies of climate change and variability, and in the generation of databases and global climate products.

With his work, Professor Phil Jones has contributed extensively in the fields of instrumental climate change research, paleo-approximate reconstruction of climate by developing the methodological strategy of combining different witnesses "proxy" in multi-approximate reconstructions of climate within last millennia. He is also broadly recognized by his estimation of river flows from rainfall records in the field of climate modeling after the creation of the "weather generator".

In the investiture speech, Philip Jones, expressed his point of view on the causes of climate change and how humans are closely related to the increase in the temperature of our planet.