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Josep Benet i Morell

Date of investiture:
26 October 2001
Mercè Jordà
Area of knowledge:
History and Law

Josep Benet i Morell, politician, historian and lawyer, was made an Honorary Doctor by the Rovira i Virgili University on 26 October 2001. He was nominated by the Department of History and Geography, with the support of the Department of Law. He was sponsored by Mercè Jordà, who at that time was lecturer and director of the Department of History and Geography.

Benet has fought for the recognition of Catalan identity and for the defence of democracy and specializes in the social history, politics and religion of 19th and 20th centuries. He has been a lecturer at the Catholic Institute of Social Studies in Barcelona, was director for fifteen years of the Catalan Centre for Contemporary History and is a member of the Catalan Society for Social, Economic and Legal Studies. In April 2000 the Executive Council of the Catalan Government awarded him their Gold Medal.