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Recent publications

  • Oleksandr A. Savchuk, Joan J. Carvajal, Yolanda Cesteros, Pilar Salagre, Huu Dat Nguyen, Airan Rodenas, Jaume Massons, Magdalena Aguiló and Franscesc Díaz.
    Mapping Temperature Distribution Generated by Photothermal Conversion in Graphene Film Using Er,Yb:NaYF4 Nanoparticles Prepared by Microwave-Assisted Solvothermal Method.
    Frontiers in Chemistry, 7, paper 88, 2019.
  • Gutierrez-Acebo, E.; Guerrero-Ruiz, F.; Centenero, M.; Martinez, J. S.; Salagre, P.; Cesteros, Y.
    Effect of using microwaves for catalysts preparation on the catalytic acetalization of glycerol with furfural to obtain fuel additives.
    Open Chemistry. 16 - 1, pp. 386 - 392. 2018
  • Granados-Reyes, J.; Salagre, P.; Cesteros, Y.
    Boosted selectivity towards glycerol carbonate using microwaves vs conventional heating for the catalytic transesterification of glycerol.
    Applied Clay Science. 2018
  • F. B. Gebrestadik; J. Llorca; P. Salagre; Y. Cesteros.
    Hydrogenolysis of glycidol as alternative route to obtain selectively 1,3-propanediol using MOx modified Ni-Cu catalysts supported on acid mesoporous saponite. ChemCatChem 9 - 19, 3670-3680. 2017
  • Glycidol hydrogenolysis on a cheap mesoporous acid saponite supported Ni catalyst as alternative approach to 1,3-propanediol synthesis.
    Applied Catalysis A: General 538 (2017) 91-98.
  • Effect of the preparation conditions on the catalytic activity of calcined Ca/Al-layered double hydroxides for the synthesis of glycerol carbonate.
    Applied Catalysis A: General 536 (2017) 9-17
  • Potential of Cu-saponite catalysts for soot combustion Catalysis Science and Technology 6 (2) (2016) 507-514.
  • CaAl-layered double hydroxides as active catalysts for the transesterification of glycerol to glycerol carbonate.
    Applied Clay Science 132-133 (2016) 216-222.
  • Thiol-capped CdTe quantum dots hosted in saponites RSC Adv. 6 (2016) 104793- 104798.
  • Microwave Engineering for Synthesizing Clays and Modifying Properties in Zeolites. Microwave Engineering of Materials: From Mesoscale to Nanoscale, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd (USA). ISBN: 978-981-4669-42-9 (Hardcover), 978-981-4669-43-6 (eBook), 6 (2016) 165-196.
  • Ultrasound-assisted reconstruction and delamination studies on CaAl layered double hydroxides. Applied Clay Science 118 (2015) 116-123.
  • Influence of acid-base properties of calcined MgAl and CaAl layered double hydroxides on the catalytic glycerol etherification to short-chain polyglycerols Chemical Engineering Journal 264 (2015) 547-556.
  • Microwave synthesis of delaminated acid saponites using quaternary ammonium salt or polymer as template. Study of pH influence. Applied Clay Science 114 (2015) 20-30.
  • Use of polymer as template in microwave synthesis of saponite. Study of several factors of influence. Applied Clay Science 87 (2014) 170-178.
  • Effect of hierarchical porosity and fluorination on the catalytic properties of zeolite Beta for glycerol etherification. Applied Catalysis A: General 473 (2014) 75-82.
  • Tuning the acidic and textural properties of ordered mesoporous silicas for their application as catalysts in the etherification of glycerol with isobutene. Catalysis Today 227 (2014) 171-178.
  • Effect of microwaves, ultrasounds and interlayer anion on the hydrocalumites synthesis. Microporous Mesoporous Materials 199 (2014) 117-124.

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