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Catalytic Materials in Green Chemistry

The research group “Catalytic Materials in Green Chemistry” (GreenCat) at the Rovira i Virgili University was created in April 2011. Is formed by researchers of the Inorganic Area of the Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Department who are doing research about the use of new technologies, such as microwaves or ultrasounds, to prepare and modify materials for their use as catalysts in reactions of industrial and environmental interest.

The research projects that we are developing accomplish most of the principles defended by “Green Chemistry”. To decrease the energy consumption and to minimise wastes generation in processes are the main objectives in which we are involved by the continuous searching of new catalytic routes alternative to the classical synthesis procedures to obtain processes more sustainable and more respectful of environment. Research is mainly financed by public projects and complemented with contracts with companies.

Other objectives of the group are the formation of researchers, through the development of PhD thesis, and the technological transfer and technical assessment to companies. Besides, we collaborate with other research groups from URV and from other universities in order to generate synergies that allow us to develop multidisciplinary projects, which give added value to the research results. In this context, the research group GreenCat is part of the research centre EmAS.