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Departament de Química Física i Inorgànica


Research Lines

Use of new technologies for catalysts preparation: microwaves and ultrasounds.

  • Synthesis of smectites (hectorites, saponites)
  • Preparation of hydrotalcites, hydrocalumites
  • Modification of zeolites (desalumination, ionic exchange)
  • Modification of ordered mesoporous materials (sulfonation), between others

Environmental and Industrial Catalytic Applications

  • Revalorization of glycerine (surplus in the biodiesel production) by its transformation in high-added value products
    • Etherification of glycerine with t-butanol or isobutene to obtain di-and tri-ethers of glycerol (h-GTBE) to be used as fuel additives.
    • Hydrogenolysis of glycerine to obtain 1,2-propanediol, which can be used in antifreeze mixtures, in the production of polymers and in cosmetics.
    • Etherification of glycerina to obtain di- and tri-glycerols to be applied in farmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
  • Isomerization of linoleic acid to obtain several conjugated linoleic acids with antitumorgenic and nutritional properties.
  • Hydrogenation of styrene oxide to obtain 2-phenylethanol (main component of rose oils

Preparation of metal oxide and metal nanoparticles to be applied in photonic and optical devices (research line in EmAS centre)