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Organometallics and Homogeneous Catalysis

Research group comprising professors and researchers in the field of Inorganic Chemistry belonging to the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry. The main aim of the group is the development of catalysts to obtain useful products in the pharmaceutical, phytosanitary and biological fields, in an efficient and environmental friendly way. We have experience in a wide range of chemical processes, such as hydrogenation of alkenes, carbonylation reactions, C-C coupling reactions and polymerization, specially the asymmetric versions. We design the catalysts in the more apropriate form in order to solve the proposed problem: molecular catalysts, metallic nanoparticles or grafted catalysts in different supports. We use efficient screening methodologies, catalysts recycling and mechanistic studies, with the aim to optimise the processes. We are particularly interested in the improvement of the environmental impact of the reactions; therefore, we study the aspects of reduction of waste, use of alternative solvents and optimising selectivity. We believe in the training of students in a stimulating, multidisciplinary and international environment. We have funding from public and private institutions, managed through the Technological Centre TECAT