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Coen de Graaf, doctor in Theoretical Chemistry and member of the research group in Quantum Chemistry of the URV


Fossil fuels make the world go round and one of the great challenges facing science is to find cheaper and more efficient energy sources

What are you currently researching?

I am researching how to split water with sunlight so we can use the hydrogen as a source of energy. Instead of splitting water using electricity, our research group is studying ways of doing so with sunlight, which is an inexhaustible, abundant and easy-to-access source of energy.

What is the current method used to split water?

Electrolysis. It’s been used since the 19th century for the decomposition of water, but it is not efficient because it requires a lot of electricity. Now, using computer simulations, we are researching the reactions caused by sunlight in certain transition molecules such as iron or ruthenium.