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Publications 2020

  • Nektarios Aslanidis, Christianse, C, Kouretas, G. (1-2020): "Uncertainty and Downside Risk in International Stock Returns"
  • Clark, A., Luis Diaz Serrano (2-2020): "The Long-run Effects of Housing on Well-Being"
  • Luis Diaz SerranoMercedes Teruel (3-2020): "On the Link between Self-Employment and Job Satisfaction: What Do Really Change after Becoming a Self-Employee?"
  •  Luis Diaz Serrano, Sabine Flamand (4-2020): "Do schools discriminate against single parents? Evidence from a randomized correspondence experiment"
  •  Luis Diaz Serrano (5-2020): "The Duration of Compulsory Education and the Transition to Secondary Education: Panel Data Evidence from Low-Income Countries"

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