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Service Learning Experiences in the Bachelor's Degree in Telematic Engineering

Final project - Learning methodological strategies for children with Asperger

  • Coordinator: Maria Ferré Bergadà (maria.ferre@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Asperger Association (ASPERCAMP)
  • Summary: This proposal appeared in the first edition of the Social Projects Marketplace held in Reus. It describes an interdisciplinary project that tries to find solutions to the educational challenges facing boys and girls with Asperger. Participants come from the Degree in Psychology, the Master's Degree in Educational Technology: e-Learning and Knowledge Management and the Master's Degree in Teacher Training. The main problem faced by children with Asperger is that most of the school's activities are intended for neurotypical children. The goal of the project is to provide children with Asperger methodological strategies so that they can learn by using new technologies. The student of telematics will define, design and implement a computer game type application that motivates and/or reward the child.

Final project - Mobile application for the Transfusion Centre and Tissue Bank

  • Coordinator: Montse García Famoso (montse.garcia@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Transfusion Centre and Tissue Bank (BTS)
  • Summary: The objective of this collaboration is dto develop an application for mobile devices that can.
    - Provide information about donation centers and campaigns.
    - Try to increase the number of donations. Students will define, design and implement a multiplatform mobile application. The main characteristic of this mobile application is that it allows users to access services currently offered through the social organization website.
  • You can listen to the experience in Tarragona Ràdio

Final project - Mobile application for people with cerebral palsy

  • Coordinator: César Mauri Loba (cesar.mauri@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Provincial Association of Cerebral Paralysis (APPC)
  • Summary: The project aims to develop a mobile application that improves physical accessibility, specifically in direct access, to the touch screen of Android devices. It will be developed in collaboration with people with cerebral palsy who can validate the APPC from a technical and social standpoint. The result will be published under an open and free source license. 

Final Project - Application for mobile devices to care for children with autism who are lost

  • Coordinator: Maria Ferré Bergadà (maria.ferre@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Associació Astafanias, Asociación Internacional de Policías Tarragona (IPA)
  • Summary: Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), although it affects differently, gives rise to communication difficulties. This means that, especially in the case of children and in situations where emergency services are involved, circumstances arise that hinder the performance of different bodies. This Service Learning experience is based on supporting the design of an information system that reinforces the protocol of action of emergency services and security forces when children with autism are involved. Two students, from the Degree in Computer Engineering and the Degree in Telematics Engineering, have designed a web application and a mobile app that facilitates the interaction between these services, the children and their environment, family and tutors.