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Service Learning Experiences in the Double Degree in Infant and Primary Education

Knowledge and use of a Foreign Language II

  • Coordinator: Edward Lockhart (edwardalvar.lockhart@urv.cat)
  • Community organizations: Public libraries of Tarragona
  • Summary: In this course, students prepare a one-hour storytelling session in English at one of the public libraries in the province of Tarragona. In doing so, Tarragona's school children have greater contact with their local library, their use of English extends beyond the confines of the school, and the tasks that they carry out become more real and, therefore, more significant. The stories told during these sessions have an underlying ethical and moral message that transmits important values to the schoolchildren present.

Teaching and learning language and literacy II

  • Coordinator: Francesca Segarra Ibáñez (francisca.segarra@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Maria Fortuny school of Reus
  • Summary: This project is aimed at mothers and fathers for whom the language of communication and learning at the school is different from the language they use at home. The project seeks to develop these parents' oral competence in the school language. One day a week, in either the morning or the afternoon, the parents are invited to attend conversation groups with scheduled activities that will enable them to practice their spoken command of the language.