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Interuniversity Master's degree in Territorial Analysis and Management: Leadership and Planning for Territorial Governance

Admission qualifications

Geography, Architecture, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering, Political and Administrative Sciences, Sociology, Anthropology, Engineering, Tourism, History and related areas.

Specific documentation

In addition to the standard documentation required for pre-registration, this master's degree also requires candidates to present the following documentation:

  • Proof of speaking and writing knowledge of Spanish language for foreign candidates coming from countries in which Spanish is not an official language
  • Proof of geographic information systems (GIS)knowledge. Those prospective students who do not certify it, they must enrol in an online ArcGis course.

Selection criteria

Once candidates have pre-registered, they will be selected on the basis of the following criteria: 
a) Academic transcript (60%) 
b) Relevance of basic training (20%) 
c) Complementary training related to the master's degree (15%) 
d) Knowledge of English and other languages (5%)