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Master's Degree in Analytical Techniques and Innovation in Tourism - 6th edition

The tourism industry operates in a socioeconomic environment that is increasingly interconnected and which depends on the ability to manage information, knowledge and innovation. The development of efficient systems for information management and tourism planning are key if enterprises are to be competitive and maintain their market position.
The main aim of this master's degree is to train students to become researchers and professionals in the high-level technical analysis of information generated by the tourism market. It is intended to standardise knowledge and to foster the sustainable development of the industry based on its complexity and its economic and social importance.
The course aims to train students in the use of techniques, methods, tools and practices for efficiently carrying out tourism activities, and to enable them to meet the demand for sustainability and quality in tourism markets. The specific aims of the programme are the following:

  • To provide thorough knowledge of new technologies and economic factors affecting the success of tourism and leisure activities.
  • To offer training aimed at improving the management, the products, the services and the marketing of companies and tourist destinations in line with the new business structures and types of consumer.
  • To develop the ability to innovate and design new strategies for competitiveness in the tourism sector and to adopt innovations in the management and planning of tourist destinations.
  • To generate new knowledge and develop talents for the advancement of science and technology applied to the development of tourism systems.

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Career opportunities

  • Destination management: destination planning (authorities, boards, semi-public companies, etc.); tourism planning.
  • Tourism product management: management of specific products and tourism product development.
  • Corporate organisation management: management of tourism business groups (hotel chains, brokers and leisure companies); management of tourism companies; management of tourism divisions of business groups and of non-profit tourism organisations.
  • Operations management: management of tourism information, promotion and marketing; product management and area management in organisations.
  • R&D management: tourism consultancy/advice and analysis.
  • Academic work: research assistantships and teaching.
Master's Degree in Analytical Techniques and Innovation in Tourism
Duration 60 ECTS credits - 1 year
Track Professional and research
Specialisations Destination Planning and Management Systems: 15 ECTS credits
Business Information Systems: 15 ECTS credits
Type Face-to-face
Timetable Classes will be held from 4 to 9 p.m., from Monday to Friday. Chek it
Work placement Work placement in leading companies of the sector is compulsory for the professional track
Language of instruction Spanish
Places available 20

Faculty of Tourism and Geography

Associated doctoral programme Tourism and Leisure
Master's degree website Master's Degree in Analytical Techniques and Innovation in Tourismn
Course dates From September to June 2016
Master's degree thesis Ther master’s degree can be submitted in June, September or January
Academic coordinator Dr. Antonio Russo
Coordinator's email address antonio.russo(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administrative contact  Faculty of Tourism and Geography
977 29 79 06
Specific grants for this master's degree Carolina Foundation.
Specific collaboration grants.
AGAUR teaching assistant grants


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