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University Master's degree in General Health Psychology

Admission qualifications

Official university degrees in Psychology. 

Specific Documentation

Academic transcript showing that the student has obtained 90 credits in the field of Health Psychology (not applicable to URV students)

Selection criteria

Students will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Evaluation of the academic transcript of the official university qualification that provides access to the Master's degree: up to 4 points.
The average grade of the academic transcript of the official university qualification that provides access to the Master's degree. The score for each subject with the numerical grade that appears on the transcript; if this is not shown, the score will be calculated as follows on a scale of 1 to 4: Pass = 1 point, Good = 2 points, Excellent = 3 points and Distinction = 4 points. The equivalent scores on the Spanish university 1-10 scale are: Pass = 5-6.9, Good = 7-8.9, Excellent = 9-9.9 and Distinction = 10.
2. Above minimum level of English required (Level B1 in English): up to 1.5 points.
3. Bridging courses related to the Master's degree (courses, seminars or other training activities, accrediting documents required): up to 1.5 points.
4. Medical work: up to 2 points. 0.10 points will be awarded for each year worked.
5. Teaching Experience: up to 2 points. University teaching experience and continuous training in the medical field will be evaluated.
6. Research experience: up to 2 points. Publications in scientific journals and contributions to national and international conferences will be evaluated.
7. Experience in university management: up to 1.5 points. 0.20 points will be awarded for each year worked in a university management position.

The academic committee reserves the right to request any additional documentation that it may need to verify the skills and qualifications listed on the student's curriculum vitae.

If the academic committee deems it necessary, it may call candidates for an interview in order to evaluate their suitability and motivation. 

Should places still be available once the pre-registration process has finished, they may be offered to the students on the waiting list without the need to prioritise these students in accordance with the previous criteria.