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Inter-university Master's Degree in Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Factors in Growth and Development - 6th edition


This master's degree aims to provide participants with the basic tools they need to generate scientific knowledge for improving health care. The content ranges from the genetic, nutritional and environmental factors of growth and development – taught at a highly specialized level using hypothesis formulation – to the design of studies and statistical analyses for health problems, the drawing up of research protocols for studies involving children (including ethical implications), and the publication of results.

The main objective is to train students to work as researchers, teachers and professionals with a multidisciplinary profile. They will have an overall knowledge of all areas of growth and development and will be able to act as project leaders and adapt effectively to a rapidly changing context.

Career opportunities

Companies in the food sector that carry out genetic studies and companies dealing with environmental issues; departments of paediatrics, nutrition and food science, diet and nutrition, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, genetics, medical education, and education for health; health and safety programmes; neurological development; personality, evaluation and psychological treatment; evolutionary and educational psychology; experimental psychology; physiology of behaviour; experimental science teaching; social anthropology; teaching and research.

Inter-university Master's Degree in Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Factors in Growth and Development
Master's degree description (RUCT link) 
Duration 60 ECTS credits - 1 year
Track Research and professional
Type Blended
Timetable Blended, no specific schedule
Language of instruction Catalan/English/Spanish
Places available 20 at each university
Participating universities
  • University of Granada (coordinator)
  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • University of Santiago de Compostela
  • University of Zaragoza
  • University of Cantabria
Work placement Pediatric hospitals, 
Mobility Yes

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Course dates October to September
Associated doctoral programme Biomedicine
Academic coordinator Dr. Ricardo Closa Monesterolo. Research laboratories
Coordinator's email address ricardo.closa(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administrative contact Secretariat of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
977 759 358



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