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Master's degree in Ageing and Health - 6th edition

The master's degree has a professional track and a research track. The objectives of the master's degree are to: 

  • To provide students with professional training in ambits related to ageing so that they can take a holistic and comprehensive approach to problems involving factors that affect health in old age and the provision of services for promoting health and healthcare.

  • To provide students with the skills to transfer new academic knowledge to the ambits of healthcare and public health in ageing.

  • To provide students with the skills to incorporate basic knowledge of ageing.

  • To develop the skills for care work and/or multidisciplinary research in ageing. 

The master's degree also offers content on methodology and research to prepare students for scientific work and enable them to progress to doctoral studies.

The professional track is based on theoretical and practical knowledge which is imparted to students using a methodology that fosters reflection and critical and creative capacity.

The aim is for students who complete the course to have developed various specific, transversal and core competences:

  • Specific competences: Recognising physiological ageing and distinguishing it from pathology. Understanding the special nature of providing care for elderly patients. Using geriatric evaluation scales to make a comprehensive appraisal of an elderly patient that takes into account functional capacity, cognition, mood, ability for rehabilitation and social skills. Understanding, diagnosing and treating the Principal Syndromes affecting the elderly. Understanding the most common debilitating diseases affecting the elderly. Being able to formulate hypotheses, design projects and apply the most appropriate statistical methodology to each case. Selecting and applying the research designs, the procedures for formulating and contrasting hypotheses and for interpreting the results of ageing and health studies.

  • Transversal competences: Solving complex problems regarding issues affecting the elderly. Applying critical, logical and creative thought and demonstrating innovative skills. Working autonomously with responsibility and initiative. Working collaboratively in a team with shared responsibility. Communicating information, ideas, problems and solutions clearly and effectively in public or in specific technical ambits. Managing complex technical or professional projects.

  • Core competences: Developing an intermediate knowledge of a foreign language, preferably English. Making advanced use of information and communication technologies. Managing information and knowledge. Defining and engaging with the academic and professional opportunities offered by the university. 

Career opportunities

Health services in primary care, hospital care and social care (inpatient care units for convalescence, palliative care and psychogeriatrics; or outpatient day hospital rehabilitation and neurodegenerative disease units).

Residential centres, public bodies, social service businesses, adult and elderly education, telecare services, entertainment and leisure companies and rehabilitation centres through the practice of regulated professions.

Master's degree in Ageing and Health
Master's degree description (RUCT link)
Duration 60 ECTS - 1 yearCel·la►
Track Research and professional 
Type Blended

Classes are held on Friday afternoon/evening (4 to 8 p.m.) and Saturday morning (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

Consult de timetable for first and second semester

Work placement Clinical or research placement according to the track is compulsory. 8 ECTS credits
Language of instruction Catalan, Spanish, English
Places available 40
Course dates From mid September 2016 to end June 2017
Master's degree thesis Only one
Collaborating institutions Hospital Universitari de Sant Joan de Reus , Hospital Universitari de Joan XXIII de Tarragona, Hospital de la Santa Creu de Jesús, Hospital Sociosanitari Francolí, PADES Reus, Hospital Comarcal Amposta, Residencia gent gran Amposta, Residencia gent gran Sant Carles.

Facultat de Medicina i Ciències de la Salut

Campus Terres de l'Ebre (videoconference)

Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus

Associated doctoral programme Biomedicine
Academic coordination Dr. Gabriel de Febrer Martínez
Coordination email address gabrielde.febrer(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administration contact details

Campus Terres de l'Ebre Secretariat for Academic Management

Av.Remolins, 13-15  43500  Tortosa

977 464 030



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