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University Master's Degree in Electronic Systems Engineering and Technology

The overall objective of this master's degree is to enable students to find effective solutions to problems in the field of electronic engineering and, specifically, to design electronic equipment and automated production systems, perform maintenance and control in production industries, provide technical advice, or join the sales departments of companies in the electronics sector. For graduates who wish to undertake doctoral studies, this programme will also prepare them to do effective research in collaboration with national and international research groups.

University Master's Degree in Electronic Systems Engineering and Technology
Duration 60 ECTS - 1 year

The master's degree has two specialisations of 15 ECTS credits each:

  • The Industrial Electronics specialisation provides advanced training in the design, implementation and operation of power distribution architectures and in the control of power converters and electrical machines. Special attention is paid to energy management applications, especially those related to renewable energy and automobile electronics.
  • The Micro- and Nanosystems specialisation provides advanced training in nanomaterials and technologies of electronic and optoelectronic devices and in multivariate data processing in systems.
The main objective is to train students to make original and innovative contributions within these specialisations.
Mode Face-to-face
Timetable Classes are held in the afternoon/evening from Monday to Friday.
Language of instruction  English
Places available 20

School of Engineering

Associated doctoral programme Technologies for Nanosystems, Bioengineering and Energy
Course dates Classes start on 20 September 2017. The last day of the examination period is 22 June 2018.
Master's Degree Thesis June or September. Consult the calendar
Academic coordination Dr. Eduard Llobet Valero
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Specific grants for this master's degree

The Department of Electronic, Electric and Automatic Engineering offers a number of grants.

Master's degree thesis regulations