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Calendar for the termination of the pre-existing plan




1st academic year Tutorials

1st academic year Exam 

1st academic year Terminated

2nd academic year Tutorials

2nd academic year Exam

2nd academic year Terminated


  • Once the subjects for each year have passed through the tutorial and exam phases, the student can request authorization during the following academic year to be allowed an extraordinary assessment session within that same academic year.
    If the student does not pass the subjects during these sessions, he or she will not be able to finish the degree through this curriculum.
  • For subjects shared with the Master's degree, the School can offer alternative teaching during the academic years in which the tutorials or exam are held.
  • For subjects with tutorials or alternative teaching, the student must pay the whole fee for the credit. For law subjects that are only subject to an exam, the student must pay 15% of the fee for the credit.
  • Students who cannot finish their studies through this curriculum can request to be changed to the new curriculum.