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Inter-university Master's Degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics

Admission qualifications

A university degree in mathematics, statistics, physics or a related field.
A university degree in computer engineering, telecommunications, electronic engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering or a related field.

Selection Criteria

Pre-enrolled students will be selected according to the following criteria:
1. Suitability of the admission qualification, up to 40 points. Qualifications will be graded in accordance with the following scale:
a. Graduates in the field of science: up to 40 points.
b. Graduates in the field of engineering and architecture: up to 40 points.
c. Other qualifications: 0 points.
2. Evaluation of the students' academic record in the university degree that qualifies them for admission to the master's degree: up to 40 points.
3. Other training (courses, seminars or other training activities, for which proof must be provided) or professional experience relevant to the content of the master's degree: up to 10 points.
4. Previous experience in research and/or stays in research centres of at least 4 weeks (proof must be provided): up to 10 points.