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Official Master's Degree: Frequently-asked questions


  • What is a recognition?

Recognition is a concept whereby university accepts those credits obtained in previous official studies, followed in the same university or not, and they are taking into account for graduation in the new studies.

  • What courses can be recognised?

Subjects passed in an official 2nd cycle programme, providing these are not part of those entitling the student to admission to the Masters programme.

  • When and how should I apply for recognition?

Consult the URV website -> Masters and Postgraduate programmes -> Official EHES Masters programmes -> Administrative Procedures: Recognition.

  • Do I have to pay anything?

Yes, you need to pay the fee for recognition study.

  • Who proposes the decision on recognition?

The body responsible/the Co-ordinator of the Masters programme. This must then be ratified by the Postgraduate and Doctorate Committee (CPD).

  • How I will find out the outcome of my application?

You will have an interview with the Co-ordinator, who will inform you of their opinion.
Following approval by the CPD you will receive official notification.

  • How will the recognition appear on my transcript?

In the transcript you will find those subjects stating they have been recognised.

  • Do I need to enrol for subjects recognised? Do I have to pay anything?

Where the Generalitat (autonomous government) of Catalonia does not specify otherwise, subjects considered as recognised will be enrolled automatically by the secretariat of the Centre.

In the event that this includes subjects considered as convalidated, this will involve a cost of 25% of the fee for the credit, as laid down by the autonomous government of Catalonia.