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Official Master´s Degree: Frequently-asked questions


  • When does the academic course begin?

The general calendar establishes the first week of September as the start of the course. However, each Masters programme organises its own academic activity, and it may begin several weeks later.
Please check the organisation of each Masters programme.

  • How long does an academic year last?

It lasts approximately 9 months, ending in May or June, depending on when the specific Masters programme started its course.

  • What are the periods without classes during the year?

About three weeks around Christmas and a week at Easter.

  • How many examinations will I have to sit every year?

One per subject.

  • When do the examinations take place?

In general terms, in June. In the case of the subject "Research Project", assessment may be at any time up until the first half of September.

  • What is the system of grades?

They are based on a numerical scale from 0 to 10, to one decimal place, to which the appropriate grade may be given:

Fail (SU)
Pass (AP)
Notable (NT)
Excellent (EX