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How to enrol in a master's degree step by step

Before registering, you must complete the following steps:

Present the original documentation to the Campus Secretariat for Academic Management

► If you come in person:

You can present the original and a photocopy of the document to that a member of the Campus Secretariat can attest the photocopy; that is, they will stamp the document to confirm that it is a faithful copy of the original.

► If you do not come in person:

You can send the original of the attested documentation to the Campus Secretariat.

The URV accepts attested copies made by:

  • Any national, regional or local public administration or any public university of the Spanish State.
  • The diplomatic and consular offices of the Spanish state.
  • Notaries registered with the Spanish state or notaries from signatory countries of the Hague Apostille Convention or notaries from other countries with the necessary legalisation.

Consult the regulations governing registration

Contact the master's coordinator

The master's coordinator will tell you which subjects you have to register for depending on the course that you have applied for and whether you have to do bridging courses.

Calculate the total cost of your registration and prepare your payment details:

If there are special circumstances relating to your registration, you must state this when you register online so that the system can take it into account.

If you are eligible for any exemption, you must present the documentation that demonstrates this before you begin the online self-registration process.


Registration for master's courses at the URV is done on online via the Self-registration.

Click here to find out how to complete the Self-registration process.