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How to enrol in a master's degree step by step

Before registering, you must complete the following steps:

When you do this you must present attested copies of the documentation; that is, copies of the original that bear a stamp confirming that they are faithful copies of the original.

The URV accepts attested copies made by:

Offices of the university, local, regional and national government, provided that the attested copy has been made by the entity that issued the original document.
The diplomatic and consular offices of the Spanish state.
Notaries. Copies made by a foreign notary must be legalised unless they were issued in member states of the European Union or members of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

If you cannot obtain attested copies, you can present a normal photocopy provided that you present the original document at the same time. After campus secretariat or the secretary's office of the faculty / school has checked that they are identical, it will return the original document to you and retain the copy in order to continue with your registration process. For more information on obtaining attested copies click here.

If you are eligible for any exemption, you must present the documentation that demonstrates this before you begin the online self-registration process.