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Change of track

  •  DESCRIPTION: This process allows students who have started to study a specific track of a master's degree and who are not eligible to request their degree certificate to change track within the same master's degree.


Application procedure:


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


At the auxiliary registry of the secretary's office/campus secretariat of the secretariat/school in which they are studying.


Period: between 2 May to 30 September.


By presenting the following documentation:


You must pay the fee for studying the validation/adaptation which will be issued by the faculty/school's secretariat in accordance with the current decree on public prices.


This change may affect the initial recognition or lead to a substantial change in the student's academic transcript.
Students are advised to make the application before the registration period.


Resolution of the application:


The coordinator of the master's Degree.


Whenewer possible, as soon as they make the application. At most five work days after presenting the application and all the necessary.

* Please bear in mind that the month of August is not considered to be a working month.


If it is decided to make the change, the student will be informed and, if necessary, the student's transcript will be updated:

  • If the student has not enrolled, he/she will be allowed to do so for all the autorized credits.  

  • If the student has already enrolled, the enrolment will be updated and the student provided with the appropriate receipt, which will include the charge for modifying and extending the enrolment.

If it decided that the change cannot be made, the student will be informed.

  • If the student has not enrolled, he/she will have to do so on the path that he/she has chosen.

  • If the student has enrolled,he/she need do nothing further.

Economic effects

The student will have to pay the fees generated for formalizing the enrolment and/or the result of the modification.