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Bringing forward to December/January one of the exam sessions/the single exam session of the Final Master's project and/or External Practicals

  • CONCEPT: request that students who are ready can ask the Final Master Work or Work Placement subject to them valued and qualified in December / January.

Application procedure:


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


Via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet.


From the day of registration until 30 November.


By presenting the following documentation:




Students who are unable to make the application online may present the application at the auxiliary registry corresponding to the Campus Secretariat/Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where the student is studying/has studied (if students are entitled to any exemption, they must also present the necessary documentation that demonstrates this entitlement, e.g. large family certificate, etc.).

Resolution of the application


Head of the secretariat


At most 5 work days after the deadline. 


  • The interested party will be informed of the decision.

  • The student's transcript will automatically be updated with the change in the exam session.


Students who do not pass the subject during the December/January exam session can be evaluated in the second exam session, provided that the subject has not been excluded from this by Article 2 of the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Academic Regulations: "Students registered at the URV follow the ECTS system and have the right to two examination sessions. However, in the following cases students have the right to only one examination session:

  • Subjects that are highly practical in nature or others that may be stipulated by the Faculty/School. This condition must be made explicit to students in the course guide for the subject.

  • Subjects studied during a mobility visit (outgoing students).

  • Subjects on the Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Human Evolution. 

  • Subjects on the Master's degree in Computational Engineering and Mathematics."

Students must specify on their applications which of the exam sessions they want to bring forward.